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Travel Log

Banque de france

21 september 2017, Paris, France

The golden “galerie” of the Banque of France. This magnificient place was once the house of the count of Toulouse, Louis the XIVth’s son.  I

3 may 2017, Calgary, Canada

I met this REAL and charming cowboy at the Calgary airport on my way back home from a tour. He graciously accepted I take a

17 november 2014, Prague

Estates Theater, Prague. The last theater where Mozart performed and directed. Here was created “La Clemenza di Tito” and “Don Giovanni”!

24 october, 2014, Lisbonne

Queluz Palace, Lisbon. Considered the “Palace of Versailles” of Portugal. I sang a concert entirely dedicated to Mozart in the ballroom.

24 september, 2012, Vauclair, France

This magical place is where I shot my very first video with my longtime photographer, Michael Slobodian. “Care Selve” taken from my CD “Prima Donna”.

30 november 2011, Lyon, France

Lyon, the city of famous chef Paul Bocuse. Here, the pretty pink and yellow houses along the Saône have a little Italian character. I had

27 october 2010, Bilbao, Spain

I came to Bilbao to sing excerpts from “Bestiario” with Il Complesso Barocco and Alan Curtis. In front of the hotel, on the other side

19 July 2010, Ernen, Switzerland

In the mountains of Switzerland, at the invitation of Donna Leon, I had the opportunity to sing concerts in a very intimate setting. The majestic

16 september 2007, Tuscania, Italy

Recording “Alcina” in Tuscania in september was magical. Not only because the opera is about a sorceress but also because, as you can see, Tuscania